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100 Million Additional People Descended into Poverty Because of the Impact of Lockdowns

There's many reasons we never locked down the planet before. So many of us tried to warn everyone but fear, propaganda and censorship won that battle of information.

Now we will deal with the dire consequences for decades to come.

• Many of those 100 million people starved.

• Children were forced to work instead of going to school.

• Girls were sold into sexual slavery because their families couldn't feed them.

• Children will end up poorer and live shorter lives because of interruption to schooling.

@DrJBhattacharya: "These are the kinds of things that policymakers really need to be thinking about when they make these decisions. We didn't think about them. And we didn't think about them because the people that would have brought them up were being suppressed."

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1 commentaire

20 mars 2023

Nice words but the lockdown was done for a reason and no amount of thought about long term consequences was even remotely considered. This man has good intentions but the last three years have been planned for decades. He needs to get a grip on reality. I am not a sheeple and I still refuse to comply.

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