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Arizona Continues To Lead The Charge For Election Integrity!

The House also passed Senate Bill 1083, which expands the narrow circumstances under which a recount can be held for an election. Current state law only requires a recount if the margin of victory is within one-tenth of 1% of the combined vote total of the top two candidates, or between 10 and 200 votes, depending on the race, whichever is less. SB1083 would require a recount if the margin of victory is within one-half of 1% of the combined vote total.

“Had the proposal been law last year, there would have been a mandatory recount of the presidential race in Arizona, in which President Joe Biden defeated Trump by 10,457 votes, which is just over three-tenths of a percent of the two candidates’ vote total,” the report added.

The other bill, SB 1241, relates to voter signature. In effect, the bill would “require county election officials to send information about mismatched signatures to county attorneys or the Attorney General’s Office for possible investigation."

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