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Attorney Robert Barnes: "Pfizer Makes El Chapo Look Like A Street Corner Drug Dealer..."

In this video, Attorney Robert Barnes says, "It's Time for Trump to Recognize He Was Lied to By Pfizer."

Barnes went on to say, "That's where if President Trump fully appreciates the Brook Jackson case, he would understand he was lied to by Pfizer, and that it is time for the President to recognize he was lied to by Pfizer — that the American people were lied to by Pfizer, and he should say, 'They should be held accountable for the lies they told' — because this is the biggest mass crime by any company in the history of the United States."

The contract between the Trump admin and Pfizer repeatedly stated that Pfizer would develop a preventative tool for COVID-19.

It didn't and there is precedent to sue them back to the stone age.

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