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🚨 BREAKING: Trump Announces New Plan To Destroy CCP Influence In America

The CCP is our #1 geo-political foe and they have been on the march for world domination for decades. They have and continue to make great progress with major influence and control of politicians on every continent, like Joe Biden, Democrats and Republicans, alike.

Today, Trump announced when he is back in the Oval office in 2024 he will totally ban the CCP from buying up our farmland, tech, US natural resources and critical infrastructure.

We need to figure out this election scam, LIKE NOW, so El Trumpito can get back in there and smoke out these CCP fools.

Otherwise, I suggest you all learn Mandarin.

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1 Comment

Jan 18, 2023

I would vote for Trumpito a billion times if I could. Continue to keep us well-informed, please!

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