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🎣 CHUMPBAIT ALERT: Ignore John McAfee's "Suicide"

I am starting to smell CHUMPBAIT a mile away.

Let me explain.

For the past month, a civic revolution has ignited at school board meetings, in state legislatures and in local communities ie; People are activated!

The establishment (corporate media, big tech, deep state, etc.) cannot have that. That's a big no no for the American Marxist movement.

Using raw unfettered power & the art of the diversion aka "creating a narrative", they will attempt to divert attention from the real impactful news happening in communities around America.

This John McAfee "suicide" is lIke a weather balloon to see how distracted it gets us and then other ChumpBait will proceed based on the level of distraction and it will come from various institutions within our culture.

We have gone through this CHUMPBAIT cycle repeatedly since Covid started.

The TIME Magazine article that was published months ago revealed the cabal that is orchestrating it.

They think we are stupid.


Stay awake, America!

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