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DC Draino vs. Goliath

From @DC_Draino on Twitter:

"If the Supreme Court agrees to hear this historic case, they would likely have oral arguments at the end of 2023, and would issue their ruling at least 4 months prior to the 2024 election (July 2024).

This would make sure critical information about a Presidential candidate, like an “October Surprise” story (like Hunter Biden’s laptop was in 2020), can’t be suppressed at the direction of the gov’t again. The ruling would apply to *all* Big Tech companies secretly working with gov’t to censor us, not just Twitter.

It would stop it all.

This is so much bigger than just Twitter; Facebook, Google, and every other Big Tech platform would have to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling and stop coordinating with the government to censor free speech I believe this is the biggest free speech case in 50 years and will have positive effects for decades to come If we save free speech on social media, We the People will save this country from tyranny.

May God bless this fight."

Godspeed, Rogan aka @DC_Draino!

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