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Democrats Try To Erase Their History Of Slavery & Violence By Creating A National Holiday (VIDEO)

Democrats enslaved black people in chains, beat them, killed them and when it wasn't accepted anymore to be so openly violent they created an organization to hide under white hoods to enforce their hate for black people.

Now in 2021 they think creating a national holiday to celebrate the end of the evil THEY CREATED absolves their party of their evil past.


In fact, in 2021 they have added their political opposition to their totalitarian ways and are imprisoning anyone of any color who disagrees or stands against them.

They are severely exposed and they know it and like every other totalitarian group in history when they see their power waning, they get even more violent against their citizenry.

We are wide awake and taking our country back from the ground up so EVERYONE CAN ENJOY LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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This Guy

1 Comment

Jun 19, 2021

I love your political enthusiasm. Thank you for continuing to keep me informed about THE TRUTH.

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