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🆘 EMERGENCY: Gain Of Function, Specific Antibodies From Vaccine Are Causing A Worldwide Genocide

Back in early 2021, I was repeatedly banned from Big Tech platforms for trying to post the video in this blog post. I was screaming at the top of my lungs to everyone getting the vaccine that they were destroying their natural immunity and about to cause a global catastrophe .

In this video, world renown virologist, Geert Vanden Bossche was featured on The Highwire hosted by Del Bigtree.

If you don't know, Geert was banned early in 2021 from Linkedin for publishing this post:

You MUST MUST MUST watch his interview to understand the global catastrophe about to be unleashed on humanity:

If you can't watch the full hour video for whatever reason, below I posted The Highwire host, Del Bigtree's EASY TO UNDERSTAND, 6-minute explanation of what Geert is warning the planet about:

If you paid attention and understand what is being said in these videos, you know that it's going to get worse, folks.


People need to be arrested, put on trial and executed for Crimes Against Humanity , starting with Dr. Fauci and right down the line to every politician, government official & corporate executive who MANDATED people to get this poison under duress.

Pray for justice.

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