Fauci's Daughter Working At Twitter = Worldwide Censorship To Protect Daddy

The Informed Consent Action Network was suspended by Twitter on Thursday after they announced that they will soon be publishing more emails from Anthony Fauci.

ICAN, an organisation dedicated to increasing informed consent regarding vaccinations, tweeted on Thursday that following the release of thousands of pages from emails from Anthony Fauci that had been revealed through Freedom of Information Act requests from the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, that they would be “dropping 3000 new pages of FOIA’d Fauci emails” that evening, “providing further insight into Anthony Fauci’s actions on Covid, Vaccine Safety, and more.”

However, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin later announced that ICAN had been suspended by Twitter for announcing they would release more emails from Fauci. In a screenshot posted by Malkin to the Big Tech site, ICAN’s Twitter had been locked, due to the tweet allegedly “violating their policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.”

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