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On May 5th, the Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill that aims to bar racist, sexist, and politicized instruction in Arizona schools. The “Unbiased Teaching Act,” a floor amendment proposed by State Representative Michelle Udall (R-25), chair of the House Education Committee, was added into SB 1532, which was passed by the House with the unanimous backing of all 31 House Republicans.

“Racism cannot be combated by teaching children to be racist,” said Representative Udall. “Our country has not always lived up to the concept that ‘all men are created equal,’ still, it is a fundamental ideal that should be upheld by our schools, government institutions, and society. Judging individuals by the color of their skin, ethnic heritage, or sex is deeply wrong. To teach our children otherwise is immoral and fuels corrosive societal tensions within our state and nation.”

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