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📣 I'm Calling All Citizen Journalists, YOU, To Share The Audit News Far & Wide!

There is bombshell election audit news coming out of Arizona, Georgia, PennsyIvania, all the swing states and even Oaklahoma. Yes, Oaklahoma.

Thanks to Brave Patriots in these states, the forensic audit freight chain is chugging down the tracks BUT they need our help getting the word and news out.

That's on us, me, you, everyone.

Share all the "facts" and "hard evidence" and "real news" you can about Audits. Don't share conjecture or hyperbole or people guessing "what if".

Just share the truth and only the provable truth because it's ONLY the truth that will set everyone FREE.

Now, go out there and tell the world the TRUTH about AUDITS, AUDITS, AUDITS!

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