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It's Time To Swallow Your Pride A Little Bit & Move On!

It's time everyone that fell for the Covid lies and propaganda: take a breath, swallow your pride a little bit and admit to yourselves this has been a poltical, Big Pharma, corporate news and big tech shit show from the beginning, all for money and power. It's ALWAYS FOR MONEY AND POWER. It's what humanity has done since the beginning of mankind and will continue to do till the end of time.

We totally get it. It's been one fuck of a psyop. The scale of it all has been historic. It's confusing, scary and intimidating. Not many can withstand this type of non-stop propaganda, on a global level. The rich, powerful elite are really, really going for it. They see this a pivotal moment in THEIR PERSONAL HISTORY. They can give 2 fucks about us.

It's ok though. Thanks to stubborn pricks like me and BILLIONS of others around the planet who still question authority, we have exposed these twisted fucks, know more of the truth and that's a good thing. A VERY GOOD THING!

You live and you learn. That's life.

It's time to move on from Covid NOW.

It's time to be happy and free again!

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