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Just A Few Months Away From "Our" New Social Platform Launching!

You've heard me promote the new social media platform I am creating.

Well yesterday, I saw the first UI (user interface) design of the platform AND IT'S AMAZING!

More importantly, NOT ONE SILICON VALLEY OR PRODUCT is being used to build or distribute it.

"We" are going to own this platform, end to end. I say "We" because I am building this for every free speech loving human on the planet.

And "our" platform is waaaay more then just politics. It's music, sports, entertainment, DIY and so much more.

Silicon Valley should be scared of what we are about to unleash on the world. Many will copy and that's fine.

I will release the name of platform as we get closer to launch so the commies listening in don't get any cute ideas.

Please make sure you sign up for our e-need alerts on and tell your friends and family to join too!

You have to be in it to win it and I am ALL IN!

Let's do this!

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