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Learn To Social Ep. 1: Getting On Gab

This is a pilot for a new show in the works.

Watch the full episode on Rumble:

In this pilot episode, I walk you through the signup & setup process for the social network, You will also learn how key features and functions work on the platform.

I will be doing this for ALL social networks.

I own a social media marketing agency for over a decade,, and I thought I would share my knowledge to help you find new, cool social platforms and then teach you how to use them.

Here are some clips from the pilot episode:

What Are People Saying About Gab

Signing Up To Gab

Setting Up Your Gab Profile

How To Compose A Post On Gab

How To Find People With Shared Interests On Gab

Gab's Marketplace & Parallel Economy

Gab Is A Progressive Web App & Why It Matters

If you are interested in social media marketing for your business or organization or know someone that is, you can visit or contact me directly via email at

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