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📹 LIVESTREAM REPLAY: Audits! Audits! Audits!

You asked for them and now they are happening or in the works.

Here is where we stand so far:

  1. Arizona is in the middle of their audit of Maricopa County. The DOJ and other Democrat orgs are doing everything in their power to stop it.

  2. A Georgia Judge called for a full audit of Fulton County after "large discrepancies". Fulton County is where we all saw video of alleged boxes of ballots come out in middle of night and put through machines multiple times.

  3. An audit of Windham, New Hampshire is in progress and in early results it show 4 Republicans being shirt changed votes by hundreds.

  4. Audits are trying to be set up in Michigan and Pennsylvania but nothing is officially in the works yet.

More to follow but it's happening and Democrats are freaking out.

I'm not sure why they are freaking out since it was the "safest and fairest" election in the history of mankind.

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