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More Propaganda To Cover Up Crimes Against Humanity

This is propaganda to cover up Crimes Against Humanity happening in broad daylight, everyday.

The balls on these people.

And so we're clear, "these people" are big pharma, the science & medical establishment, big business, big tech and media and governments around the world.

Tell a friend.

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This Guy

1 Comment

Jan 20, 2023

If people have not figured out this bullshit by now, it is not up to me. I did more than my share and they either paid attention or they did not. I am unable to do what I did in the classroom for 35 years…focus on making lives better. That job is now for those who have a support system and who do not mind being ignored or insulted. As for me, I need to focus on what is yet to come so that I will still be standing when the storms continue.

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