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📹 MUST WATCH: How To Effectively Beat Back Propaganda & Go On Offense!

We are in the middle of a propaganda war the likes we have not seen since the Nazis and Communist marched across Europe decades ago.

As long as we keep watching, liking, commenting, discussing and sharing "their" propaganda, WE WILL KEEP LOSING.


Any & ALL corporate media narratives & content must be ignored.

I am literally saying you need to make a concerted effort to not see or hear ANYTHING they distribute.

We can never go on offense if we are ALWAYS playing defense ie; engaging with & discussing "their" propaganda & narratives.

To go on offense against propaganda, you have to control the culture & conversation and we can't do that if we are CONSTANTLY discussing "their" culture and conversations.

Keep your valuable & informational conversations about current events on private text threads or chat apps and get and share news ONLY from citizen and independent journalists.

This strategy is about destroying their propaganda supply line while we building a new supply line of truth.

Please try to do this moving forward or else we will continue to be on defense and never start making real cultural & political strides.

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