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PA Legislators OFFICIALLY Start Calling For Election Audit!

No one can stop the audit train now! AZ, GA, now PA and more will follow.

The voters demand it. You know, those people that tell our reps what to do because WE ARE THE BOSS!

The following update came from State Senator Doug Mastriano’s staff after his visit to Arizona:

Senator Dave Argall: “I support the call for an election audit, in order to answer any lingering questions that still remain about the fairness of the 2020 elections in Pennsylvania. This is the best path forward to address the legitimate concerns of the large majority of my constituents who voted to re-elect President Trump as well as all Pennsylvanians. This is just one of many election reform efforts I would like to see approved here in the next few weeks.”

State Senator Doug Mastriano is leading the charge for election integrity in Pennsylvania. He was part of the Pennsylvania delegation that came to Arizona to tour the audit center this past week.

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