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RHR Live: The Covid Vaccine Suppresses Natural Immunity

This is the umpteenth time I am sharing and discussing this video from The Highwire with Del Bigtree because it's been censored and banned over and over again. It needs to be thoroughly understood so this type of genocide never happens again and everyone involved is held accountable.

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28. Jan. 2023

I listened to the complete version this time. I agree with what I said recently. I must step away from advising and informing. It is no longer my responsibility because I did my part and I received comments like I want to travel, I need to protect my family members and the beat goes on. Life is never fair. I am seeing cracks in other podcasters logic like Trump should not have endorsed the vaccine and a bunch of other shit. Trump never said that the vaccine was safe and effective. Warped speed was to avoid the mandate route whereby everyone would be required to get the pokey doke. Trump saved my life and that is what counts in my world. Have yo…

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