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Shock Footage: UK Airport Mandatory “Quarantine Hotels” Are COVID Prison Camps

Footage captured outside Britain’s Heathrow Airport shows people forced to stay at a “quarantine hotel” being treated like prisoners.

A woman off camera can be heard saying, “It’s like a prison camp. This is where they exercise. That’s insane. They can’t leave!”

“Excuse me! Is this your time out from the red flight?” a man can be heard asking another guy walking by.

The man behind the fence responded, “Yes.”

Next, the man behind the camera asked the quarantiner how often he was allowed to go outside.

“A couple of times a day,” he answered. “You get escorted out. There’s security on every floor. There’s four security on every floor and security on every level. There are 20 or 20 security guards in the lobby.”

As the quarantined man spoke to the people filming, a security guard approached and asked them to stop speaking.

Both the pair filming and the man behind the fence argued with the security guard, telling the yellow-vested man, “We don’t need your permission.”

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This Guy

1 comentario

17 jun 2021

This is exactly why my days of traveling have officially ended. The world is full of Nazis!

Me gusta
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