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Stop The Ukraine Grift!

Yes, Putin is a KGB commie fu^k.

Yes, Putin's invasion is deadly & despicable.

Also yes, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

Also yes, we have not debated or decided as a constitutional republic that we want to go to war in Eastern Europe because of a land dispute.

Most importantly YES, our politicians are grifting off this land dispute and it needs to end!

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29 Μαΐ 2022

I am sick and freaking tired of hearing about Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine. As far as I’m concerned that’s a bunch of bullshit. In war people die. I’m an army brat… far from stupid! The 2020 election was rigged an illegal. It should be fixed because Donald John Trump won the presidency in November 20 20. I’m sick of the bullshit.

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