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Support Citizens Against Political Persecution!

Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP) will be holding a protest to petition the Federal Government on behalf of the January 6th detainees held in solitary confinement in Washington D.C.

The peaceful protest against political persecution will take place in Foley Square in Manhattan, New York on June 27th, 2021 at 12 PM.

According to a press release from the organization, speakers at the rally will include John Pierce, attorney for January 6th defendants; Cara Castronuova, champion boxer and founder of Citizen’s Against Political Persecution; Matt Breynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America; Professor Mark Crispin Miller, New York University (Professor of Media Studies); and “other distinguished surprise guests to be announced.”

“This event is to raise awareness so the general public understands what is going on,” said CAPP co founder Cara Castronuova. “What the Justice Department is doing to the January 6th protesters is political persecution and unconstitutional. Every American, regardless of their political affiliation, should care. The government can and will turn their focus and persecute any other group that disagrees with or challenges them. It is absolutely terrifying..”

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