THANKS TO OBAMA: America Is Run Like A Chicago Crime Syndicate

CDMedia wrote weeks ago that their sources informed them the alleged ‘ransomeware’ attack on the Colonial Pipeline was not a foreign operation, but likely executed by domestic entities for monetary, or political gain.

Some have entertained the thought of internal strife between U.S. government agencies, essential criminal gangs, reaping the benefits of organized money laundering on a massive scale.

Now we learn the FBI reportedly seized the millions of Bitcoin paid by Colonial pipeline for the alleged ransom.

Was the hack solved so quickly because there’s a power struggle between the FBI and the CIA going on? In that story, did the CIA hack the pipeline and the FBI decide to punish them?

In Russia this is common. Different security agencies of the Russian secret services are in regular competition for illicit gains. The FSB regularly takes over businesses to reap ill-gotten profit. Corruption is what the Russian system is built upon.

This is what Obama and his minions have brought here.

Think about it, if parts of the U.S. government are in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, looking to rape the American people of trillions of dollars, agriculture, energy, and so on, then the entire Russia! Russia! Russia! hoax makes perfect sense.

Blame it all on the rival criminal gang!

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