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The Democrat Party Is Controlled By The CCP

Yesterday, in front of the world press, Emperor Xi had is political opponent perp walked out of a government proceeding.

A few weeks ago, in front of the national press, Democrats had one of their political opponents perp walked out of government court house.

This is just one example out of hundreds where Democrats have persecuted their political opposition, EXACTLY LIKE THE CCP.

This is not a coincidence or conspiracy.

Most Democrats have been bought off by the CCP, strategically, as part of their "elite capture" program to control America from within. The CCP has written and spoke about this. They haven't tried to hide it.

Now, the Democrats are under the control of the CCP and must protect the CCP interests, by any means necessary.

On November 8th, from the ground up, it's our job to take back power and stop this treason!

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