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The Jews

I love the Jews. I really do and here's why:

Throughout history, anyone they have had differences with the Jews has wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth. Not just have disagreements or wars with them but every enemy they have encountered wants to eradicate them.

Human nature demands that any species under that kind threat must adapt or die.

The Jews have done that and not just in the media but from the ground up.

They are a tight knit culture because they have to be and I have much respect for what they have had to endure.

That said, just like with any group of people, there is always people within those groups that abuse their power and that is what gives the group as a whole a bad name and reputation.

In Kanye's case, he said some really crazy shit about the Jews but as Americans that is our right and the bad apples I mentioned above in the Jewish community have proved Kanye's point which is, we really don't have free speech in America anymore.

Kanye is an eccentric, sometimes misguided celebrity who says crazy shit from time to time but we don't ruin people's lives in America for that reason.

We give our opinion and move on. That's it. That's the American way.

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1 Comment

Jeffrey Abbott
Jeffrey Abbott
Aug 20, 2023

He is right....

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