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THE SCIENCE IS IN: Masking Children Is DANGEROUS & Anyone Who Does It To Kids Are Child Abusers!

Weak parents and teacherswho abuse their children by putting masks on them because "tyrants" tell them too will also be held accountable to for the atrocity taking place.

The "I'm just doing what I'm told" is not an acceptable reply to abusing children with masks. It didn't work for the Nazi's & trust me, it won't work for abusive parents and teachers.


From the report:

"The range of acceptable opinion on COVID-19 mitigation efforts may be widening, with peer-reviewed medical journals recently publishing research finding that masks likely harm schoolchildren and questioning whether benefits from COVID-19 vaccines outweigh risks.

Measured carbon dioxide content in "inhaled air," observed in a study of masked German schoolchildren, was at least three-fold higher than German law allows, according to a research letter published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics.

Last week, the journal Vaccines, affiliated with the American Society for Virology, published research that estimates every three COVID-19 deaths prevented by vaccination are offset by two deaths "inflicted by vaccination," using Israeli and European data.

The papers share a lead author, Harald Walach, a professor in Poznan University of the Medical Sciences' Pediatric Clinic in Poland and University of Witten/Herdecke's psychology department in Germany."

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