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#TRUMPFLOOD: Flood The Feeds With Trump

Ignore all the mask, lockdown, vaccine #CHUMPBAIT content on your social media feeds!

Instead, you can push that #CHUMPBAIT off your feeds by flooding the feeds with Trump photos for the month of August.

Post photos all month long fun captions and use the hashtag #TRUMPFLOOD.

This will make it harder for the tech oligarchs and their Marxist employees to send the the Democrats, intel agencies and whoever else they are sending our convos and info too to formulate actionable propaganda .

Simply, you are throwing a wrench into the big tech matrix so they have a harder time censoring important info like audit results, election integrity and school board meetings.

I've posted over 30 Trump images in this post that you can download and share on your feeds.

Trust me, this will help us make sure the IMPORTANT news (audits, audits, audits) sees the light of day on the feeds.

Have fun!

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