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🔨 Waiting For The Right Time To Drop The Arizona Audit Hammer!

Last night, we learned the Arizona Audit was delayed last week because the Cyber Ninjas came down with Covid.

That said, even if the report was ready last Friday, the smart move was to wait until all the manufactured CHUMPBAIT recedes off the headlines.

The American Marxists aka Democrats are RUTHLESS when it comes to distractions, aka CHUMPBAIT, to cover up their lawlessness.

This is informational warfare. You all have to understand that. And the opponent (corporate media, big tech, deep state, big corporations) is bigger and throws very strong "informational" punches.

You have to fight this like Rocky Balboa would.

Go toe to toe, get up in their grill and take the shots, get the opponent tired, wait for your opening and then POW, POW, POW, you hit them with a flurry of informational jabs, upper cuts and when things get real quiet, you throw the informational hay maker.

This is the game now and this is HOW YOU WIN IT!

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