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We Are Witnessing A Panic Induced Pivot By The Democrats

Democrats know the mail in ballot scam will not be in play for the mid terms and they can feel most Americans are done with the Covid fear porn so we are now witnessing a Panic Induced Pivot away from "all things Covid".

They're panicked because they know their corrupt socialist agenda is now fully exposed without the Covid distraction.

But don't worry about them. Like Sun Tzu says (and I'm paraphrasing): "when your enemy is fucking up, don't get in their way"

Stay focused on getting as many America First candidates in office as you can.

Stay focused on the issues that concern you most.

Stay focused on WINNING!

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1 commentaire

01 janv. 2022

2022 will be “The Fall of The Jackasses.” After all, the Democrat Party symbol is The Donkey better known as The Jackass! I am an Elephant. I tramp on Jackasses and annihilate them all!

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