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Wendy Gets It. ALL Republicans Must Be Like Wendy.

Wendy is a smart patriot and sharp politician.

This is why I keep saying AUDITS, AUDITS, AUDITS.

Wendy understands that this issue is the civil rights fight of our generation.

What is more valuable than our vote?

So it goes to say, a 100000000% transparent voting process is vital.

And who doesn't want a fair and legal electoral system.

Republicans need to listen to Wendy, Me and millions more when we say: AUDITS, AUDITS, AUDITS and understand it's way bigger than just the 2020 election.

Yes, it's about Nov 3rd, 2020 & EVERY election going forward!

Thank you Wendy for leading this fight!

They'll (R's) catch up at some point, let's hope.

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