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When All Else Fails, Wag The Dog!

This is what happens when weak regimes need to get power back: they start conflicts in countries that no one cares about and have no value to us.

This is why we loved Trump. He didn't do this shit, start wars to flex. He didn't have too. Shit was cool around the world, for the most part, while he was in office. They knew if you fucked around with US you would get fucked right back with and their was a mutual respect. That's a successful foreign policy.

This crap with Ukraine is such a predictable and tired Swamp strategy for weak regimes.

We've seen this same playbook over the past 30 years and ALL AMERICANS are tired of it.

Cut the shit! We see right through it.

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1 Comment

Jan 14, 2022

I love how you cut to the chase, James!

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